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ONE is an animation series created by Cheesy Hfj. A teaser was released on January 12, 2020 and its first episode, "Freefall", was released on June 11, 2020. It is the second object show created by Cheesy Hfj, the first being the joke show Battle for Circle. It has two seasons, the second of which hasn't had all of it's episodes released yet as of writing.


The show follows 18 contestants, teleported in batches of six into The Plane by Airy, who compete in his ill-planned, simplistic competition show where the winner receives a wish for whatever they want.

The batches of contestants themselves come from different universes. The first batch comes from a universe where anthropomorphic objects exhibit human-like features, such as participating in a civilization. The second batch, who debuted in "Just Tripped", are secretly sentient, living in a world alongside humans. The third batch, from "Screwball", are seemingly based on what members of the object show community call joke characters, and come from worlds that even Airy himself is not sure of.

As the show progresses, the mysteries of the Plane as well as the competition are unraveled and some of the contestants develop mental problems from being in the Plane and associated competition.

Season 1 focuses more on gameshow aspect and character interactions, while Season 2 is more focused on Backpack's journey to stop Airy and their gameshow.

Development and Production

ONE's development seems to have started somewhere in early-to-mid summer of 2019 based on Cheesy Hfj's community posts.


Episode Name Air Date
(S1) 1 "Freefall" June 11, 2020
2 "Just Tripped" September 12, 2020
3 "Screwball" December 13, 2020
4 "Walls" February 14, 2021
5 "Rhetorical Molds" March 15, 2021
6 "La Salle D'attente" April 16, 2021
7 "Starting Over" May 17, 2021
8 "The Plug Dream" June 18, 2021
9 "Scatterbrain" July 19, 2021
(S2) 10 "Rattlepate" June 1, 2022
11 "Bradley" June 11, 2022
12 "Batch Two" June 21, 2022
13 TBA July 1, 2022
14 TBA July 11, 2022
15 TBA July 21, 2022
16 TBA August 1, 2022
17 TBA August 11, 2022
18 TBA August 21, 2022


  • It is unknown what ONE stands for.
  • The show is commonly labeled as "HfjONE" to separate it from other content under the same name.


Spoiler Warning! [shows eliminated contestants]

Contestant Batch Team Status Rank
1 N/A 1st Eliminated in "Just Tripped" 18th
1 N/A 2nd Eliminated in "Screwball" 17th
Abstracty 3 Team D 3rd Eliminated in "Walls" 16th
Stone 3 Team A 4th Eliminated in "Walls" 15th
Texty 3 Team A 5th Eliminated in "La Salle D'attente" 14th
Soda Bottle


1 Team A 6th Eliminated in "Starting Over" 13th
1 Team A 7th Eliminated in "Scatterbrain" 12th
Bassy 2 Team B 8th Eliminated in "Batch Two" 11th
Airline Food 2 Team D Final 10
Atom 3 Team D
Circle 3 Team C
Contact Lens 2 Team B
Folder 3 Team D
1 Team C
1 Team B
Subway Seat 2 Team C
Tray 2 Team B
Whippy Creamy 2 Team C